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The normal human way of life is to grab what we can for ourselves. We get money, power, skills, land, resources and tools for our own enhancement. We expect others to do the same. If someone else gets in our way whilst we are grabbing, then conflict ensues with the fight going to the strong. Sometimes we will band together with others for our mutual benefit.

The way of Jesus was to turn this whole scheme upside down. He gave himself for others. He made himself of no reputation (Philippians 2:7). He set an example for his disciples to follow. They set out to tell the world of his sacrificial love. Some of them died doing it. Some of the arenas in which they were sent to the lions are still there. Others spent long, wearying years trudging the roads of the Roman empire to get the news of that love to others. Some suffered imprisonment in the cause of spreading that love. Some wrote at great length and fought bitter controversies to ensure that the love of Jesus would still be known.

Later, others went too far distant continents, braving nasty weather conditions and extreme loneliness for their brothers. Yet others faced angry mobs and other physical dangers to get the message to those who needed it. Some renounced wealth, family love, and personal independence as they obeyed the man from Galilee and gave themselves without ever thinking of the cost.

What are we laying down for others?

Bro David Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)

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