view as web pdf Israel in The Wilderness Are Our Warning ~ 1 Corinthians 10:1-12

With careful reading of this chapter we find the following teachings:

Israel’s slavery in Egypt represents us in the world before baptism.

In the Red Sea they had water on both sides of them and a cloud (also water) above them. In this sense they were surrounded by water, and so Paul saw it as a symbol of baptism.

After coming through the Red Sea they had to walk through the wilderness (our life in this world after baptism).

They were fed on daily manna (God’s word, Jesus Christ) until they came to the promised land (the kingdom of God when Jesus returns).

Israel failed in the wilderness and wanted to return into Egypt. We must learn from their example so as not to fall under temptation as they did. Let us not fail to receive the things we are promised in the kingdom when Jesus returns.

Bro Julius Ongyango of Mahaya/Olello Ecclesia giving the right hand of fellowship to the newly-baptized Bro Ben Nyakure of Dago Ecclesia, at Bondo, while other members are witnessing the occasion

Bro Raphael Joni Aim (Bondo, Kenya)

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