view as web pdf Blessings of the Faithful ~ Psalm 1:1

We are always being reminded by the word of God to consider our ways and fellowship and never to sit in the seat of scoffers. Our faith is to meditate on the law of God day and night and not change because of tests or temptations. If our faith is deep, we see visions of victory and find encouragement in all our trials. Then will come the fruits of victory.

The wicked are not so. They always think they are right and hate being corrected. They have no desire to change, improve spiritually or learn from mistakes. They refuse to turn from evil and enjoy doing wrong. They do not care if their sin causes trouble, they are even attracted to it. They have bad relationships with their parents, and have no focus or direction. They spend money as fast as they get it and are caught by their own actions, ruin themselves - and then blame God!

Bro Stanford Kuuzha (Magunje, Zimbabwe)

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