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On Tuesday 4th, September 2012, Sis Elesa Fisher, Bro Harold Campbell and myself journeyed to Port Antonio to fellowship with Sis Enid Hall. Port Antonio is the first tourist town in Jamaica, it is East of the Island. It has lush greenery and is densely populated. Sis Enid Hall lives directly in the town.

We discussed the daily Bible readings, did hymns, breaking of bread and prayer. Below are pictures of the Bible discussion and breaking of bread taking place.

Wednesday 5th, September Sis Janetta Elliott (she's a shut in sister) received the emblems when we fellowshipped together. She lives in Round Hill, which is a major farming community in St.

Elizabeth which is south of the Island and is close to the capital. See pictures below.

Sister Janetta is a paraplegic, she became like that in her infancy. She spends her days at home mostly indoors or on the varanda as it tends to get very hot in St. Elizabeth. She always welcomes fellowship and so was most delighted when we visited.

Ecclessia interest rekindled...

Sunday August 26th, 2012 Memorial meeting held at Llangly District, Port Maria. Young Bro Cadur (newly baptized) selecting hymns on computer to accompany us as we sang.

Bro Cadur is a former Youth Circler who has been attending for the past three years and expressed interest in the gospel. He was instructed and baptized in August of this year, and is now attending the Port Maria meeting.

Brethren and Sisters attentively looking into the scriptures as the exhortation is given.

Brother Harold Campbell presiding at Memorial meeting....

Friday August 24, 2012, three interested teenagers (Junior Lawrence, Saneesha Byfield and Anita Brown) being instructed for baptism in Port Maria. They are former Youth Circlers of the Port Maria Ecclessia.

Sunday Memorial meeting at Port Maria....

After a lull, in attendance over a period of months I am happy to say that the interest is being rekindled at Port Maria Ecclesia. With over fifteen of us in attendance, three from Free Hill joining us in fellowship. The meeting is desirous of having a mid week Bible study, youth circle and Sunday School. All this we have sat down and talked about. I will have to be instrumental in getting them to these meetings as transport is a problem for them. I am trying to see how best I can use my time to help them make these a reality. Thank God all is not lost.

Bro Martin Shirley (Jamaica)

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