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It might interest you to know the truth. The only way to salvation is when we are working together for good in this life. If only we would trust God, we would live to see it so. All things are ours if we are Christ's. All things serve us for ultimate good.

Even those things which are most difficult and trying, are really moving our best interests forward! If we knew as much about them as God knows, we would go down on our bended knees, and thank HIM with streaming eyes, for the most difficult of our circumstances. Even if some of these may cut us to the bone, if we believe that the infinite love of God is working in them, and through them, we may sing like Paul and Silas in the prison (Acts 16), even though our feet are fast in the stocks! Let us learn the habit of looking at the bright side of things. If there are dangers looming in our way, don't complain that it is all cast over with danger. We must be sure that God has a purpose in all our sorrows.

Bro. Enyiogu (Ikwueke, Oboro, Nigeria.)

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