Gospel News · September - December 2012

Gospel News — Sep-Dec 2012
The response of Jesus was amazing; Jesus said unto him, "Verily I say unto thee today, thou shalt be with me in paradise".
This promise, in spite of all appearances, was made to give the thief every assurance that his request would be granted. It is the basic doctrine that all the faithful will be made immortal at the resurrection and given a place in God's Kingdom in which the thief will be included. In the response of Jesus he uses the unusual word paradise which means park or garden adding more comfort for the thief.
The correct punctuation
You may have noticed that we have placed a comma after the word `today' to indicate that the promise of Jesus was made there and then. Unfortunately, in the Authorised Version, the translators placed a comma after the word thee
which changes the meaning of the sentence
The meaning in the A.V. is that the promise of Jesus would be fulfilled that day. This would not be true; both the thief and Jesus died on that day, Jesus being placed in a tomb as described in v.53.
It is a fact in the original language punctuation marks such as commas were not used. When translating into English the translators would use punctuation marks to give the sense as they understood it. We have not followed the A.V. but moved the comma to give the correct sense.
This incident of the conversation of the believing thief and Jesus on the cross illustrates the graciousness and loving kindness of the Lord Jesus.
National Fraternal Gathering
Alayi, Nigeria
Bro. Goddy Nwosu, (Enugu, Nigeria)
At the Fraternal Gathering there were five baptisms: Bro. Festus Nwaeke, Bro. Michael Ovrebo, Bro. Paul Obioma, Bro. Thank God Adindu and Sis. Comfort Nwachukwu. We did
not expect more than two hundred people to attend, but we thank God that we were almost five hundred people: despite the condition of things, we managed ourselves very well.
Enugu Ecclesia with sorrow announces that our dearly loved Bro. Gabriel Chukwuani fell asleep on 10th January. He was an example to us all in his strong beliefs and trust in his Lord; and in the uncomplaining way he dealt with his illnesses. Bro. Gabriel now sleeps awaiting the day of the glorious return of our Lord, in whom his faith was strong.
I use this media to thank those who took part during his funeral service, especially Bro. Friday Ugwunta.
Photo of Alayi Fraternal 2012 (Nigeria)
Bro. Enyiogu (Ikwueke, Oboro, Nigeria.)
It might interest you to know the truth. The only way to salvation is when we are working together for good in this life. If only we would trust God, we would live to see it so. All things are ours if we are Christ's. All things serve us for ultimate good.
Even those things which are most difficult and trying, are really moving our best interests forward! If we knew as much about them as God knows, we would go down on our bended knees, and thank HIM with streaming eyes, for the most difficult of our circumstances. Even if some of these may cut us to the bone, if we believe that the infinite love of God is working in them,