News from the Americas

news from brazil 

There is a young women here wishing to be baptized, I'm still not confident of baptizing her myself. Can Charlie come from USA? Anyway, I'll have to pray and know what God wants. If it is possible I'll be very happy.

Bro. Italo

I'm fine here and I'm glad there are more people interested in being baptized here in Brazil. Well, it would be great if you could come to Fortaleza or my place. God bless your mission

Bro. Francesco

news from haiti 

We’re pleased to share news of the baptisms of Srs: Mervil Nehemie; Mejane Leon; Marcelin Bejanette; Paul Danise; Clerima Bebete; and Brothers Jean Luc Berson; Isaak Lunette; Jean-pierre Amuricette; Cassignol Donatien; Gerald Cherival. May God bless them in their journeys to His Kingdom.

Grace and peace of God be with you all, I am so happy today to read your explanations to me about the witch of Endor. I feel so flattered the fact that you gave much value to my questions and you sent the answers rapidly. I have learned so many things through your writings, I do not have enough time at the cyber cafe to finish reading all things, but I copy it in my flash drive to go home, in order to memorize the entire answers by reading... I have learned so many things from you and I hopefully believe that God will allow us to be connected until the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth. I am always ready to learn provided what I am learning is true.

Bro. Esmath

Photo: The Haiti ecclesia after their baptism before the earthquake; they have now over tripled in size. Brother Esmath is second from the right. The house they are standing in is now rubble.

news from jamaica 

Why should we fear when we know that the end of all things is at hand? The Lord Jesus will soon be here and all these events will end. We read of these events but do we really long for the change? This is the time when Christians should pause to reflect on the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ for our redemption and give us the hope of eternal life, so let us who possess that blessed hope, pass on the way of salvation to those around us.

Thank you for the copy of the New Testament; the commentaries bring the reading to life. I can almost see the Lord healing the sick or hear him speaking to them. I intend to pass the book on to a sister whom I think will show some interest. I would like to have a few books for relatives who may be interested.

Sister Daisy Wilson Allen

I have been so happy and cheerful. My heart rejoices to be in touch with CAT. God has you there to meet the needs of people, not only temporary but with the food from heaven, which is the Word of God. Jesus asked Peter, “Lovest thou me more than these?” He told Peter to “feed my sheep”. Without the teaching of God’s Word there would be no salvation. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God and belief.

I enjoy reading the Gospel News and seeing the names of many different places in the world you have reached out to and those who have come to know Christ through Bible Basics. Thank you very much for the books which were appreciated by the Young People’s Group. The New Testament books, “The Real Christ” and “Bible Basics” were very welcome. Please send me a copy of the book “The Real Devil”.

Sis. Icilda Logan

news from trinidad 

Thanks for the latest Gospel News. It is always a pleasure to receive and read it. Thanks to God I have been keeping okay and yesterday was the last day of school for this year. Although I am still behind bars I am thankful for all that God has done for me. He has given me a wonderful spiritual family; I could not desire nicer or more uplifting people to associate with and becoming a Christadelphian is the best thing that has happened in my life.

I can’t remember if I did it before, but I want to thank you for the day you contacted Bro. Samuel Edwards and asked him to visit me in prison – that was the beginning of my entering the brotherhood. Keep up the great work you have been doing, may God continue helping so many of us to be better persons in His sight.

Bro. George Constantine

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