You Choose the Influences that Mould Your Life

You may blame circumstances and conditions for what you are but the ultimate responsibility of what your life is at this moment rests upon you. It may be true that you have been denied opportunities that other people had, but there is no reason why this should influence the rest of your life. You are giving your disadvantages greater power than your ability to deal with them.

If you feel that life has given you a raw deal, and you are resentful, it is obvious that you are filled with self-pity and lack ambition. If you wallow in gloom and despondency you cannot expect to be filled with enthusiasm and confidence. You will never know the joy of overcoming disadvantages and succeeding.

When you choose Christ as your moulding influence your outlook is completely changed. You see disadvantages as challenges; praise and thanksgiving dispel fear and gloom; confidence overrides inferiority, and you become a new person as you identify with the forces of righteousness.

When you commit your life to the living Christ all the failures and fears that have haunted you will be overcome and you will be filled with inspired confidence. You cannot know the true potential of your life until you have committed yourself to Jesus Christ. It is this act of acceptance that influences the choices you make.

Bro David Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)

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