The Importance of the Individual

We are living in an age where everything is expressed in terms of greatness: gigantic, stupendous, fabulous, fantastic and many other such adjectives are used to describe ordinary articles and events. Religion has also fallen into the category of exaggeration when enthusiastic believers endeavour to describe the glories of their faith by the size of their followings.

Jesus showed by his example, that he did not set great store on mass movements. Large crowds did follow him wherever he went and he gave them spiritual food, but he never became identified with mass movements of a social or political nature, and on more than one occasion he left the crowds to be with a small group of faithful disciples. To these people he taught profound truths. He had the presence, the inner authority to stir the crowds, they would have followed him anywhere, but it was to the small groups that he revealed his innermost soul.

Today the world is experiencing a rise in mass movements, and the Christian faith is no exception, and we can thank God that there are strong indications that some are turning to God. However, in the excitement of the age do not overlook the importance of God at work in the individual. He may reveal His power in mass movements but He still speaks to the heart and mind of the individual.

Bro David Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)

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