News from Europe / Eurasia

news from belarus 


Here we are suffering from massive price increases for everything, but the money we get from selling our crops doesn’t increase much, nor does our pension. Things are really so hard. I begin each day with prayer and ask also for health and strength to be able to go on providing for my grandchildren.

Sis. Nina

news from denmark 

I ask God to grant me the grace to approach Christianity more spiritually.

I am your brother, and that is why I speak to you from the bottom of my heart that I love you all, in the name of our Lord.

Bro. Deogratius

news from germany 

May God bless you all, I have been busy recently discussing the issue of trinity with people here.

Sis. Vera

news from iran 

I am very proud to do anything for Jesus, so I will continue with my work of translating literature into Farsi despite my limited time and my weak English knowledge, and that I haven't ever done translation job before. It takes me much time, I have to study the material several times and understand it completely to translate it well. It’s really hard for me but I am determined to do that it.

Bro. J

news from italy 

We’re delighted to report the following baptisms at the ecclesia in Naples: Sisters ANABEL, JOY, CHICHI, OSAMUYIMEN and DOROTHY and Brothers OUBOKHAN, OGO and OSAZEE. May God bless them all as they journey towards the Kingdom.


Thank you for the water baptism you did. May the good Lord empower you the more. Your effort for the Gospel of the Kingdom of God will not be in vain. We, the brethren here, are doing fine to the glory of God.

Bro. Festus

Baptizing the latest Bible Basics study group near Naples.

news from kazakhstan 

We here are still meeting despite problems, and hope some of us can come to the Moscow Bible School.

Sis. Elvira

I still remember my baptism by you in 2001, the joy I felt at that time is still with me. May God continue to bless your preaching work.

Sis. Elena

news from kyrgyzstan 

We are pleased to report the baptisms of MARINA, LUDMILA, ANYA and NATALYA. May God bless them in their journey to the Kingdom.

Photo: Brother Anvar, third from right, with some of the Bishkek ecclesia and their relatives.

news from latvia 

We are pleased to report the baptisms of LARISSA, NONA, TATYANA, VALDA, NADEZHDA, VELTA, ANATOLY, AGNIS, ANDREJ, SLAVIK, MAREK, MILAD and JUDITE. May the Lord keep them strong in their path to His Kingdom.


The growth of the ecclesia in Riga is very wonderful. Here in my town I do not have such blessing. I rejoice in what God gives me, not least at this time the warm weather after the long winter, and the blessing of knowing you are there for me.

Sis. Irena

news from lithuania 


I like your tender and humble attitude, may God bless your ministry so that others with all their heart may seek God's Kingdom and to seek the real Truth. May we not be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand- otherwise the strong wind will come and this house will be crushed.

Bro. Irmantas

news from morocco 

A visit was made around Morocco, visiting contacts and Brothers and Sisters throughout this large, Saharan country. Four brethren and two sisters baptized and another two Brothers and a Sister baptized by local brethren since. For security reasons we've not put the names online nor in print, but they have been sent to Carelinks recipients by email; let us know if you would like to be added to the distribution list-

We are very shocked because of the death of our mother and the shame of not having the funeral expenses. Please note that to all brothers, we are so, so sad.

Bro. Badr

We are still praying that God will give us the power to announce His Truth in this country. Please remember our mum in your prayers and tell to our Brethren and Sisters with you in the fellowship that we love you a lot. God bless and love from us to you all.

Bro. Abdellah

We hope you will be safe and OK in your work in Morocco. Please pray for the recovering of our daughter Sara, we will be very appreciated of that, as we are in dire need of this. It is very good to knowing you and your good work you are doing for the people. Where we are in this place it is not good as all the people know each other and Morocco does not give the freedom to be religious in other religions, apart from Islam.

Sis. Zanoba

news from norway 

Hi my brothers long time no communication. I am well, I went back to Malawi but now am home. I have greetings for you from Bro Samson Banda in Zomba Malawi.

Bro. Claude

news from russia 


I’m so sorry I can’t come to the Bible School, I am working shifts all over the Summer which are every day with no days off. I am trying to persuade my wife to be baptized. Thank you very much for the literature. I am very aware I belong to your spiritual family and it gives me strength as here I live in a village with no other believers.

Bro. Mikhail


I get discouraged at the lack of response to my preaching here, and that we who are baptized are all getting older and some dying, albeit in hope of resurrection. I so wish we could have the great growth seen in Riga ecclesia. But I do believe that all those whom we have baptized here into Christ shall live for ever, and I look forward to that day.

Bro. Oleg

Brother Oleg at Bible School


I have been trying to arrange the Bible School here but I’m sorry for being slow, I work long hours and on the weekends the administrators at the venue aren’t around. I will continue doing my best

Bro Igor P


All is good for us here; we successfully finished our internship so we are now both doctors able to practice. We are going to Greece to visit my family there. We will try to spread the Gospel as best we can wherever we are. We very much miss you all!

Bro. Kostya & Sis. Nastya


I would love to bring all my family to the Moscow Bible School but I think only I can come as we fear to leave our home unattended in this place where we live. Thank you for the prayers for my health.

Bro. Sergej


I continue to worry so much about my grandson Dima and pray for him a lot, that the various operations and treatments will be successful and he may be able to have a normal life. I fear to come to the Bible School this year in Moscow, as at my age I find changing trains too much; going down the escalators in the metro is all getting beyond me, but I am very much with you all.

Sis. Raisa


Truly all our lives are but as the flower of the field, even our finest years of our youth soon withered. The Bible is so very true, and I feel the truth of it all the older I get. As I see all the changes in the world, especially climate change, I feel that we are moving towards the end, when Christ shall come at last.

Bro. Valerij


I want to say that I appreciate God’s truth in the Bible more and more as I go further into my old age and prepare for the inevitable. I see God’s kindness to me all the time, that I have my daughter and grandsons looking after me, that I am not totally alone as some old people are.

Sis. Tamara

news from serbia 


I’m continuing to give Bible Basics to people, to the people I meet at the clinic each week, to other invalids and some Pentecostal people I know. But the power of the Orthodox church is strong here, and people are eager to believe any idea which offers them a better life now, rather than the hope of a future Kingdom with suffering now.

Bro. Vladislav

news from sweden 

We are pleased to report the baptisms of MAZDAK, PARIA, ZIBA, TAHEREH and HOSSEIN. May the Lord keep them strong in their path to His Kingdom. They are all Iranian asylum seekers and need our thoughts and prayers in their unstable situation, having already suffered much for their faith.

Photo: Sister Tahereh prepares Iranian food for her family in Sweden

news from turkmenistan 

My sister, Bilbil, came and had complaints that her belly has grown; later she knew that she has problems with liver and gall bladder. She is visiting our local doctor, but we worry about her very much. Her husband works another place and comes home once a month and she has small daughter (2 years old) and son (3.5 years old). Now we are thinking about her very much. I will scan and send diagnostics results to Sister Cindy. I am so much tired of all those troubles and ask you to pray for us, health for my sister, Bilbil, and my Mum. I can’t see people here who want to be baptized; first people should have some knowledge about Jesus, because you’ll never eat a meal not knowing its ingredients and so people not having a knowledge won’t go to be baptized.

Sister G

news from ukraine 

We’re pleased to report the baptism of ANTONINA in Kakhovka; may the Lord bless her in her journey to the Kingdom.


We are trying to share the Gospel with people here but they are so traditional. We give them a Bible for birthday presents, things like that, and we pray each morning together, that some will respond. We are sure you all also pray each morning, so you are praying also with us.

Bro. Vasily & Sis. Elena


I have been talking with my daughter about her being baptized. She is young but she is very serious. I pray for wisdom, and thanks for your concern for us!

Sis. Marina


I keep working with Nina to be baptized, but I don’t want to pressure her. Here it’s so hot and much work on our land. I look forward to meeting all at the Moscow Bible School.

Sis. Anna

Photo: Sis. Anna drying her brother Mikhail’s hair after his baptism at a Bible School


I need some more Bible Companions in English. I am working with some people from China and they are interested to begin to study the Bible.

Bro. Vladimir


Thank you for copy of New Testament in English that I have got by mail. God bless for this generous gift and project, I pray for your work.

Bro. Ihor


Brother Timothy from England visited us recently and celebrated my birthday with me. I have so many problems with my son living with me. I so wish I could get a separate apartment for him.

Sis. Veronika


Nadia and myself greet you all. We continue to get some interest from our friends who have also rejected the Trinity idea in various Messianic Christian groups around Ukraine, but we always find some other areas of difference with them and so we feel ourselves very alone here.

Bro. Piotr

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