The Character of Brothers and Sister

After being born again (being baptised into Christ), we become part of the family of God. Being in the family, we must be holy since God and His Son are holy (1 Peter 1:15-16). Are any of our brothers and sisters in the world taking the word of God as a sport? We are fooling ourselves if we think that God can be cheated. Look at what happened to the Israelites and their death in the wilderness. If we do not follow God’s ways, likewise we shall not reach the promised Kingdom, since God tells us that idolaters and liars will be totally destroyed (Rev 21:8). We must be wise as serpents and as harmless as doves. We know and understand that wisdom is the key to understanding God’s word. Wisdom leads us to a good life (Prov 2:9-13). Here are some of the characteristics of the wise:-

  • They control their anger (Prov 19:11)

  • They keep quiet about their knowledge (Prov 12:23)

  • They avoid trouble and keep out of arguments (Prov14:16; 20:3)

  • They do not spend energy in trying to get rich (Prov 23:4)

  • Above all, they try to do what is right (Prov 15:21,24)

We must not be fools (Eph 5:15-17) – compare what Matt 25 says about fools, whose reward will be horrid followed by death for ever. A fool has a lot of loud, noisy, chatter (Prov 9:13; 10:1). They want to air their own opinions rather than gain understanding, and always think they are right (Prov 18:2; 12:5). We must be watchful and vigilant always so that we will be accounted worthy to be in the Kingdom of God, above all, act as to God not to man.

Bro Dzingai Sumbuvera (Chivi, Zimbabwe)

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