The Promises of God

In His wisdom God has chosen a nation, Israel, to be the means or channel by which His great purpose will be achieved. It was to the fathers of Israel that God gave covenants of promise (Gal 3:16; Eph 2:12). God appeared to Abraham at least seven times and gave him promises concerning the land of Canaan, eternal life, nations that would descend from him, and a seed who would bring blessings to all nations (Gen 12:1-3).

Similar promises were made to Isaac, his son, and Jacob, his grandson (Gen 28:13-15) - from Jacob the twelve tribes of Israel descended and became a large nation in Egypt, from whence they were led out by Moses to the land of promise, Canaan. God told them that they were a special nation for Him, and that they should behave as holy people. Through Moses, God gave His laws and the ten commandments, which Israel agreed to keep (Exodus 19:4,6,20).

But Israel failed to keep God’s laws, and added to their sins by rejecting God who was their unseen King, and asking for a king they could see. Eventually God gave them David, the ‘sweet psalmist of Israel’, ‘a man after God’s own heart’, and he was anointed with oil as their king (1 Samuel 8:7,8; 2 Samuel 23:1).

David, the king of Israel, was given further covenants of promise. His kingdom (Israel, the Kingdom of God) and throne (Jerusalem) would be established for ever. As in the promises to Abraham, there would be a seed, a descendant, who would fulfil these things. David himself would see it all (2 Saml 7:12 -17;Matt1:1, Luke 1:32-33).

Bro Emmanuel Maugente (Maguye, Zimbabwe)

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