The Peak of the Gospel

The Almighty God is a merciful and loving Father. In the beginning when God created the first couple on earth, Adam and Eve, He did not want them to work in order to live as the case is today; He wanted them to eat fruits in the garden of Eden, except fruit from one of the trees in the centre of the garden (Gen 3).

The first couple were given a law and they broke it. Since mankind originated from Adam and Eve, all inherited the death sentence that God passed on them. When they sinned, we all became mortal, dying creatures.

Since God is very merciful, He decided to send His Son so that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life, when Christ returns to earth to rule for ever (John 3:16). God’s gospel directs us to eternal life. Yes, you can ask God to give you a job, cash, fame, etc. You may be granted all these but in the long run they may vanish but eternal life is a gift that will last for ever (John 15;14).

The path to eternal life is narrow and rough, so we should resist all the temptations that may hinder us to enter into the Kingdom of God which is about to be established here on earth. And through the generations the peak of the gospel has been the Kingdom of God.

Bro Samuel Watako (Nakuru, Kenya)

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