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Daniel ch 8 Bro Godfrey Mutoro, (Luuya, Kenya)


This is the 3rd of the four prophecies. The vision of Empires, this time focuses on Israel and foretells:-

Destruction of Israel in AD 70 and the subsequent desolation of the land for 2,000 years.

Introduces the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ that is finally explained in Ch 9.

Daniel learns that many years will have to pass before the Kingdom of God is established.

* The angel of God explains all of this and ends in Ch 9.

The vision (v3-14).

1st part of explanation (v 15-26).

2nd part of explanation (v20-27).

* This vision takes place at the river Ulai a canal flowing into the Tigris.

- Ram.

- He-goat with a large horn.

- He-goat with four horns.

- Goat with a little horn.

This prophecy represents the succeeding Empires from Medo-Persia to the time of the end (Rome and corrupt Christianity).

* THE RAM stood for Medo-Persia (vs 3,4,20) and shows two horns initially representing the separate kingdoms of the Medes and Persians. In the year of the vision Cyrus took control of the Medes making Persia the dominant partner of this united Empire. The horn that came up last represents Persia which grew higher than the first horn representing the Medes.

*THE HE-GOAT WITH A LARGE HORN, stands for Greece under Alexander the Great (vs5-7,21). He united the Greek states behind him and destroyed the Medo-Persian Empire. He is credited as one of the few commanders that never lost a battle. He defeated King Darius 3rd and unexpectedly died at the height of his power when 32 years of age (v8).

Ram and He Goat

*THE HE-GOAT WITH FOUR HORNS, represents the Greek empire after the death of Alexander (vs 8,22), there being no obvious successor as his son was young. The issue was solved after the battle of Ipsus when the Empire divided into four parts, each under a general, symbolised by the four horns.

- Seleucus (Ruled Mesopotamia and Persia)

- Ptolemy (Levant and Egypt)

- Cassander (Macedon).

- Lysimachus (Thrace).

*THE HE-GOAT WITH A LITTLE HORN growing out of one of the four horns represents Rome (Vs 9-12, 23-25). During the time of the four Greek states symbolized by the four horns they gradually became weaker and Rome gradually developed its territory and power and took full control under general Pompey in 64 BC.

*THE ROLE OF THE LITTLE HORN. Rome triumphed over Israel. vs 23-26 focus on Rome from its first involvement with Israel to the desolation of the land after AD 70. The explanation also goes through to the time of the end and has a dual fulfilment both to the Roman Empire and corrupt Christianity in the centuries following.

* THE PUPOSE OF THE VISION, to show the ending of the temple daily sacrifices and introduce two new things to Daniel: The sacrifice of the Lord Jesus making the sacrifices under the Law unnecessary and the Roman destruction of the temple and desolation of Israel.

*CONCLUSION: The crucifixion of the Lord Jesus brought about both the scattering of the Jews and the reconciliation to God of those who seek it. The long period of Israel’s desolation although it appeared hard to Daniel, was actually God’s grace in action. It allowed the gospel to be spread around the world for the Gentiles to find salvation. This desolation of Israel grieves God and will not continue any longer than it needs to (Rom11:25). Daniel was confused about the explanation of the vision and had to wait ten years for an explanation in what we call the seventy weeks prophecy explained in Chapter 9, which is the next subject to be considered.

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