Sunday, June 20

In 52 Countries Sunday June the 20th will be celebrated as Fathers day, in which fathers will be honoured. Last year the South African Newsletter had the following crossword on the names of sons fathers, which is quite a test on ones knowledge.


4. Ephraim and Manasseh, 5. Rehoboam, 7. Hezekiah, 9. Moab, 11. Nimrod, 12. Obed, 15. Joshua, 16. Esau and Jacob, 17. Jesus, 18. Isaac and Ishmael, 19. Samson, 21. Joseph and Benjamin, 23. James and John, The sons of thunder


1. David, 2. Jonathan, Merab, and Michal, 3. Cain and Abel, 4. Simeon Peter, 6. Samuel, 8. John the Baptist, 10. Absalom and Solomon, 13. Rachel and Leah, 14. Shem, Ham, and Japeth, 20. Jehoshaphat

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