A Refugee’s Personal Testimony

I am aged thirty-five years and my wife Sister Mwashite Kotongo thirty-one years, live with our six children in a four bedroom house in Boston, in the Mass Housing program of the USA. Both my parents were United Methodist in my country of Congo, and both were killed during the 1990 war there. I put on the saving name of Jesus Christ at Maputo, Mozambique, on October 1st,1999, in the Ruvuma Hotel when Bro Duncan Heaster baptised me, assisted by Sister Leonie Verster of South Africa and Brother Caotan Cohello; there were other Brethren and Sisters and friends from Congo and Burundi. It was a time of much joy, because on the same day four others were also baptised by Brother Duncan in the Indian Ocean of Mozambique.

We all learned the truth from Bro Paul and Sis Leonie Verster and Bro Caotan of South Africa, They travelled each month to instruct us and bring items for those of us living at the Bobole Refugee Camp.

Since my baptism I strive to keep in the way of salvation and know that my sins are covered by the work of Christ. My aim in life is to attain to the Kingdom of God's grace. I try to let other people know the way of truth. I also read and learn from my Bible every day and I pray God to help me with my family in the future. I get much encouragement and see the Kingdom getting closer. Let us all be of one mind, purpose, faith and love, because we are born of the same seed (1Peter1:22,23). I thank God and you so much for helping me find resettlement in the United States of America; Again my thanks to the US Government and UNHCR Mozambique, and Mozambican Government for together enabling this program for allowing refugees resettlement in the USA; may God bless them. Finally thanks so much from me and my big family to the Boston Ecclesia for the making us so happy and the tremendous help they have given us.

Brother Jean-Claude Asende Bembeleza (Boston USA).

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