An Open Letter

To All Ecclesias, Groups and those in Isolation Worldwide

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The conditions of the world present the Christadelphians with both obstacles and opportunities for witnessing about the fulfilment of the warnings that the Bible contains.

Throughout the world Christadephians should witness to attain success in the following:

1). Greater involvement of the faith in the life of human societies and the development of proper understanding and practice of communication skills for use in the home, family and work place.

2). Ensuring that the current Christadelphian literature reaches the majority of believers and friends in the locality.

3). Improving the quality and distribution of Gospel News magazine by sending letters, articles, photographs and so on to the Editor.

4). Developing and administer the Christadelphian postal courses for teaching and deepening contact by adopting teaching goals for all members individually.

5). Encouraging believers to make use of the Christadelphian literature and guiding them what to read and where to find/obtain it.

6). Develop systematic lesson plans and other materials for educating children of Christadelphians

7). Endeavouring at all times and in all conditions to balance the teaching and consolidation efforts and programmes in order to assist brothers and sisters in isolation.

We need to exercise great care for this is an age of opportunity in material advancement. Our eyes can be blind to the realities of the Truth and the limitations of the present age. We can so easily burden ourselves with worldly responsibilities and find it difficult to reserve sufficient time for our spiritual responsibilities, hindering our spiritual work. We need to set clearly before ourselves the facts of doctrinal truth not only as a matter of principle, but also in application and practice. This will create clear vision and sound judgment to endure to the end.

Bro Moses M Wanami (Nalondo, Kenya)

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