A personal call from God

Rose Brett, a Catholic, was watching T.V. with her 3-year-old daughter Grace one day when a news clip came on about a prominent business man and politician who had died. Grace’s immediate reaction was ‘Is he going to heaven?’ When her mom explained that he would go to heaven if he had asked Jesus to be his Saviour, Grace proceeded to ask the same question about every family member she could think of. Not to be left out, Grace added, ‘You know what Mom? I talked to Jesus on the phone the other day, and I asked Him to come into my heart.’ ‘That’s great!’ Rose said. ‘But how did you come to know His number?’ Her reply was simple, yet profound. “He called me!” she declared.

Grace didn’t know it, but her answer revealed a deep truth that distinguishes true Christianity from all other religions in the world. They require a man to try to get to God, but in the plan God devised for man He’s the One who initiates the contact. He calls us to repent once. Everyone who has accepted Jesus as Saviour was prompted, or “called” by the Holy Spirit (Rom. 8:30).

What an honour to get a personal call from God! What blessing He gives to those who answer in the affirmative.

Bro. E. Kagogodza, (Concession, Zimbabwe)

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