An Appeal to all Christadelphians

As we near the return of our Lord Jesus Christ there is need for all of us to be mindful of others, especially in matters pertaining to the Kingdom.  Recently we have been aroused by the words in Rev 19:7,8 which tell us that we shall soon be clothed in clean, white garments because the time has come for that. If we are waiting eagerly and preparing ourselves for that, we need not waste our time on worldly pleasures – no more time remains for that. Abraham beseeched God for Lot to be saved when the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed (Genesis 18).  Although the story is well known, I wish to draw attention to the way Abraham besought God (vv 23, 27, 30-32).  Five times Abraham prayed God that God might save the righteous while destroying the wicked.  It was to rescue Lot that Abraham was so persistent; remember that Lot had separated from Abraham and had chosen to live in wicked Sodom.

But my concern is with Abraham; how sure was he that Lot had not changed his way of life after they parted? Because Abraham was doubly sure that Lot had remained faithful to God; they had learned together how to fear God.  Abraham could not imagine Lot being counted together with the wicked Sodomites, though he lived there.

Now, my appeal, brethren and sisters, let us stick to the precepts of our Master and have confidence in one another, bearing in mind that we have the same faith.  Let our actions prove to the angels that, like Lot, we are unlike the Sodomites (Genesis 19:1-3).  Let every individual Christadelphian represent Christadelphians world-wide, so that in the hour of our visitation we will be found worthy of the salvation we have so long waited for.


Bro David Ngari Aphaxad (Kenya)

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