Letter from Kenya Coastal Area

I want to thank all who are involved in the production of Gospel News which I receive regularly. Really ‘Gospel News’ is a good magazine on my side. I was happy to hear that it is continuing. It unites all faithful readers by the testimonies, information and activities from all corners of the world.

Also I was happy and much excited with the book ‘Women in the Church’

Let me say a little about the book: It teaches what the apostle Paul has to say about women in the church.  One of my friends read it and found that it was true.  It is very wrong to ordain women to lead a church.

It was the end of March and the beginning of April that Bro Alan led a team from the UK to Mwandeo Ecclesia where all the coastal ecclesias met for three days for Bible study.  We had many different lessons but the one that particularly stimulated everybody was about Ephesians 6:13-17.


Lastly, on 1 April we witnessed 14 baptisms from 3 ecclesias: Mwandeo, Mafisini (Land of Hyenas) and Mombasa.  In the picture you see our new Sister Parmella Radido, wife of Bro Thomas Radido of Mombasa (back row, first from right) and Mary Mutunga of Mwandeo (front row, first from right),  who decided to follow in the faith of her parents after counselling.  After the baptisms, we all went back to the meeting hall and broke bread and drank wine with the newborn members in Christ.

May we all pray for their new lives, walking towards the kingdom.  Amen.

Bro Alan teaching from Ephesians 6:13-17 with the aid of a model

Fourteen new born Brethren and Sisters April 2005

Singing to the Lord.  L-R Bro Daniel, Sis Ann, Bro Alan, Sis Sarah, Bro Andrew and his wife and Bro Zakayo Mutunga

Bro Edward Kunina (Mombasa)

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