Education is Important for Children

All Christians need to advance in Bible knowledge if they are to please God (Philippians 1:9-11; 1 Thes 4:1).  Diligent use of the scriptures and Bible-based study aids can promote spiritual progress.  Since God has provided His written word, He expects His worshippers to be as literate as possible.  Reading the Bible with understanding makes it easier to apply its counsel.  Of course, we may have to read portions of it more than once to absorb points and be able to meditate on the (Psalms 119:104; 1435; Proverbs 4:7).

Each year, God’s people receive hundreds of pages of helpful written material prepared under the direction of the faithful and discreet servant (Mat 24:45-47).  Such literature deals with family life, customs, religion and many other subjects.  Most important, it contains scriptural counsel on spiritual matters.  If your children are not able to read, they will be deprived of much vital information.

Learning the history of mankind is important because it helps to understand why there is need for God’s Kingdom. A basic knowledge of geography is also  desirable.  The Bible speaks of many places, such as Israel, Egypt, and Greece.  Is your child able to locate them on a world map?  Can they find their own country?

Education is not for employment only: many people feel that the main purpose of education is to earn money.  Yet some educated people are unemployed or do not earn enough to meet basic needs.  Some parents may therefore think that it is not beneficial to send a child to school.  But schooling does more than prepare someone to make money; it equips children for life in general (Ecclesiastes 7:12).  If persons can speak, read and write the official language of the country in which they live, dealing with medical personnel, civic authorities or bank employees becomes easier, even routine, rather than frightening.

Bro David Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)

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