The Unity of the Church

I never remember a word in the Bible telling us as Christians to be more than one church. No, we must be one church as we are one body. What I do not understand, is where did we get all the ‘churches’ from - it’s clear that I mean the kind of doctrines the false churches teach, when Jesus our Lord told Peter about the church, that He would build it on the foundation of the doctrine he gave to Peter and all the apostles (Matt.16: 18). You see brothers, the Lord mentioned one church not many. And He gave us one doctrine not many, He taught us one way not many. To be one church was His demand. If we are children of God the Father, and Jesus is the head of the body, then we should be one body with different members, we should think and act like him.

So, where did we get those teachings that in one way or another drive people from the truth Jesus taught us? Another question is, Why do we have so many thoughts that do not belong to our Lord Jesus? We have one God the Father. Let us try to remember this, that any doctrines that are not matched with Jesus’ teachings are from the flesh. My prayer today is to be united in Jesus and his word, not go after what others say. His word is alive, never changes and is for ever, so let us abide in him. God bless all brothers and sisters everywhere.

Bro. Bassam (Jordan)

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