Why Study the Book of Revelation

This book was given to us if we are his servants. Those things were not known to Jesus during the time he was flesh and blood. But when he was glorified, God revealed them to Jesus, so that we can know what the future holds for us.

Read Mat 28:18; 11;27; Rev 1:1-4. If we think carefully on these verses we learn that it is not everyone who can understand this book.  Three things are needed: to study, to search and to understand. That is why the Lord has given us minds to think and ponder.  Otherwise if we become lazy we will get nothing from this book.  We should strive according to the rules of the scriptures.

Please note:  the book of Revelation is for those who devote themselves to reading scripturally and have become servants of God.  Remember that during 29 to 70 AD the gospel was preached to the whole Roman Empire and ecclesias were formed.  This is why John was told to write to seven churches.  Having spent so many years in the things of God, some were able to understand the book of Revelation.  Rewards were promised to those who overcame the flesh.  “Blessed is the one who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy” (Revelation 1:3).

So what do you think?

1.      Do you find difficulty in having an interest in studying this book?

2.      If so, why?

3.      Are you concluding that you are not one of his servants?

My suggestion is that you read the daily readings every day.  If the Lord tarries, you may find that scripture interprets scripture.  The book of Revelation needs to be interpreted with the whole of scripture in order to understand the symbols and signs.

Bro Nelson Bwalya (Kitwe, Zambia)

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