Your Life is a Posted Letter

It was the way I received an empty envelope that made me realize the value of a letter - the envelope was well stamped and addressed but there was nothing inside.

We all write letters, and we pop the letter into an envelope and post it. The recipient receives and opens the envelope, takes the letter out and throws the envelope into the dustbin, as its purpose has been completed, but the inner message is carefully gone through.

This is what our lives are like, a letter sent to God, enclosed in an envelope – the body.  To this body we add our own stamp, our decoration and we give it all the necessary care and attention. To get our bodies right we may travel far and near, achieving much (or little) in the social, economic, educational and cultural trends of this world.  We tend to forget the only thing of value in us is the inner contents and not the outward show of the envelope of our bodies, which in the end are dropped into the dustbin (the grave). The letter which contains our inward heart and character is carefully considered by the Almighty God.

Our life may not be as empty as we think.  We might have been engaged in all types of events that make life apparently full and promising.  Sometimes, we may have dismissed an invitation of a friend with the words, ‘I’m too busy, I cannot come, so please have me excused’.  But in God’s estimation we were busy doing nothing. What are we so busy doing about the Truth? Suddenly at Jesus coming there will be no opportunity of retracing our steps. Like the postage stamp on the envelope it’s only valued for one way. Like the foolish virgins one may beg for mercy but it will be too late.

So let us beware and consider these things.  Why don’t we give our hearts and minds to Christ who says “… him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out” (John 6:37).  Why not acknowledge him as our Lord and Saviour before your inner soul – the letter – gets to his hands.  What profit does it give us to decorate the envelope (our bodies) with all care, and find out at the  end of life’s journey that the letter (your inner soul) is what the receiver values  “… for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return” (Gen 3:19). So,  let us confess to Jesus the worthlessness of our past life and accept him as the right owner of our life-long letter of dedication to him.

Bro Gaurd Momba (Banket, Zimbabwe)

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