Let your light shine

One of the points brought out in an encouraging exhortation recently, was King Josiah's outstanding faith in attempting a spiritual revival in a society darkened by sin and gross corruption from the throne to the dunghill. Then there was Jeremiah's persistence for many years, in continuing to preach despite the fierce opposition with which he was confronted. These were daunting tasks in situations which seemed so hopeless.

I got to thinking that they were like those tiny night lights in a large dark area. The darker the area, it is amazing how the more these lights become visible. Jesus was not a recognized personality in the dark world of his day, yet look at the impact he has made in this world of sin. His light still shines brightly, enlightening the path leading to the Kingdom. Likewise his disciples who were scattered because of persecution, were able to spread the gospel. I think of Moses, scorned by the powerful Pharaoh, but whose feeble light invaded the darkness of the kingdom of Egypt, becoming brighter as he advanced with God's commission.

In various parts of the world the light of the gospel, although disregarded by the dark world, still shines, revealing God's purpose to those who are seeking. When we are tempted to give up because of apparent lack of interest in our proclamation of God's Word, it is strengthening to remember that the light we bear is not our own feeble human light, but the light of God that shone in the darkness even from the beginning,  bringing light and life. The light we bear - the word of God reflected in our character and uttered by us - is just as powerful and penetrating and effective and will accomplish God's will if we do not give in to our own negativity, but maintain the courage to keep shining.


Sis. Esther Worrell (Canada)

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