Latvian Sisters' Weekend

There is a very high percentage of Sisters in the membership of our community in E Europe, so a special Sisters’ Weekend was arranged for the Sisters of Latvia and Lithuania, and we had an attendance of about 30. There was a lot of interest in this initiative as it's the first time it's been tried here. Sis. Jean Field came over from the UK to give talks about 'New Testament Greek words' and 'The woman and the dragon: studies in Revelation.

Photo: Sis Jean Field giving her talks

We recorded her talks and we hope to put them on the ‘net’. Cindy also gave a talk about the implications of Eve and led some discussion groups. These groups had work sheets and generated a lot of discussion that was hard to stop!

One of the interesting features was that Bro Marcus and some Brothers helped prepare the meals. They were peeling carrots whilst the Sisters were giving talks! An interesting reversal of the roles we normally see at Bible Schools! It all worked out very well in the spirit of Christ and we all learnt greater mutual respect for each other. We also invited some women who are preparing for baptism. We were delighted to report that GUNTA attended and was baptized. She lives in a very pitiful hut with her dog. The winter is very cold this year and she has only a small pension to live on, with no relatives to support her. The years of living on a poor diet through cold winters have taken a deep toll upon her health. She studied Bible Basics and her Bible by candlelight. We also enjoyed the company of Lidija, who lives out on the Balozi marshes. She has to walk 12 km from her home to the nearest road - she effectively lives on a swampy island. She has no electricity there but has a good knowledge of the Truth, but not ready for baptism.

Photo: Lively Discussion Groups About Feminism 

On the Sunday we had visitors of Brothers from Riga and a joint breaking of bread, where Bro. Duncan exhorted about the relationship between Jesus and Mary and the women at the cross. It was a really memorable weekend and from all of us here we want to thank you for it. We got to know each other so much better and we all went away so strengthened and happy in our faith and resolved to care and pray for each other far more.       

Photo: Marcus Preparing the Carrots


Photo: Joint Memorial meeting on the Sunday of the Sisters' Weekend

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