Do you need reading glasses?

We understand that some of you in the Mission areas are unable to see properly to read their Bibles.  The only way to really find out the condition of your eyes is to have them properly tested by an optician. Sometimes they will prescribe glasses to correct a problem, A test may even identify a disease. Or give you a prescription for suitable glasses to magnify the text.

Having obtained the prescription one then has to shop around for the best price, what is called ‘prescription lenses’ are best if you can afford them.  However, a number of shops sell cheaper glasses for ordinary reading and you will find they are graded, for example, +1.5; +2.5; +3.25. or something similar. You need to visit a shop that sells them, try them on and see what size helps you the most. You need to start at the lower numbers and then gradually work up higher; do not select a pair that are over-strong as they may harm your eyes.  Another alternative useful item is to have a hand-held magnifying glass.

It is appreciated that some of our readers are unable to afford to purchase even an inexpensive pair of reading glasses or a magnifying glass. We are therefore going to experiment with a scheme to provide, free of charge, those who are in this situation. WE WILL NEED TO KNOW THE READING GLASS’S SPECIFICATION (as the example given above). Should you prefer, we will send a magnifying glass. We feel this scheme is necessary to help our Brethren and Sisters in the reading of the Scriptures but, as we have said, it is only an EXPERIMENT as we are uncertain of the cost. However, we are delighted to say that our New Zealand Brethren and Sisters have already sent us 50 pairs of glasses and a Sister in England six pairs, for which we thank them on your behalf, so that’s a good start!   MH

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