news from cameroon

I got your message and I was very happy because I like reading from you over there because the message you people send to us this way is good. You see we in Cameroon are very interested in knowing the Bible and knowing it for the purpose as doers and not only hearers but we really need your help to always write to us - myself for example.  I was baptised a few months ago, so I really need somebody to really build me up, and thank Bro Doug from Australia who has been a great help.  
Bro Gilbert

With sadness and regret we announce the falling asleep of our dear Sis.Hannah Ntube on Sunday 11th.July 2004 as soon as we had breaking of bread with her. Our Sister was baptised some years ago and served the ecclesia whole heartily and faithfully to the Lord. It was a good opportunity for her to remember the Lord’s death by partaking of bread and wine before her death, though we miss her we know our Lord will also remember her at his return on the resurrection day.
Bro.Brain Ebong

I payed a visit in Tombel where my grand-mother lives, I got in touch with some people who I told about our doctrine  after a long conversation they accepted the truth and three are doing the 40 lesson courses.
Bro.Brain Ebong

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