2.1.12 Satan And God's Will

Mr. Mattison, Ladies & Gentlemen, Good afternoon again. Well, I would like to pick up first of all on something which Mark was talking about earlier on. He made a big deal of it; it seems the Abrahamic Faith's position rests on this idea that Satan is only an agent of God, and that Satan is actually doing God's will. Now he said that in his answer. I am glad he addressed the question but he said that Satan is doing God's will. Now how can that be the case when time after time, we are told that there is a conflict between God and Satan; that Christ was manifested - 1 John 3: 5 - to destroy the works of the devil. That's not the devil doing God's will. If the devil is doing God's will why does he have to be destroyed? Hebrews 2: 14 - on the cross he destroyed the devil. Why did he have to die on the cross? The devil was only doing His will.

Revelation 12 which I think is a passage incidentally that the CGAF fight shy of - it is very difficult to prove their point from there. Revelation 12, you've got Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon who is the old serpent, the devil and satan and his angels. So you've got Michael fighting with the devil. Now that language of conflict and the language of the devil being thrown out of heaven with his angels with him, is that, does that give you the impression that the devil is doing God's will? Oh, come on, it doesn't does it?

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