Women in The Church: Two Different Perspectives

Transcript Of A Debate With Jacqueline Henry

Monday, May 17th, 1993, Dudley Town Hall UK


Rev. Jacqueline Henry (Church of England)

Mr. Duncan Heaster

Chairman: Mr David Evans

Note: Mr. Heaster wishes it to be stated that his views have changed somewhat on this matter since this debate, but is willing for the transcript to be published in order to promote thought and reflection.


Mr. Duncan Heaster’s First Speech 
10-2-1 The Bible And Equality
10-2-2 Jesus And Gender

Rev. Jacqueline Henry’s First Speech 
10-2-3 The Church Of England And Women
10-2-4 Women Called By God

Mr. Duncan Heaster’s Response 
10-2-5 The Basis For Authority
10-2-6 Huldah The Prophetess

Rev. Jacqueline Henry’s Response 
10-2-7 The Gifts Of God

Questions From The Floor 
10-2-8 Women Keeping Silence
10-2-9 Women Teaching Men
10-2-10 The Bible Our Guide
10-2-11 Church And Ecclesia
10-2-12 Women Silent In The Church
10-2-13 Women Covering Their Head
10-2-14 Is Corinthians Applicable To Women Today?

10-2-15 No More Gender Division
10-2-16 Women In Society