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We've received some very sad emails from Brother Onaldo which require our prayerful attention:

"May God always bless you and your dear family! Thank you for inquiring about me. I have been very ill and kind of hopeless. I have not been out of bed for two months now. Doctors say my only hope is getting a treatment available only in São Paulo, but at the moment I can't afford to go there. Please, pray for me, I really need it. Love, Onaldo

May God bless and keep you safe and well! On Saturday Dérich brought your last email to me and I was deeply touched and happy with Carelinks generosity. Your contribution will sure help me to go to São Paulo and get the proper treatment. I am not yet ready to die much less to become a vegetable. I feel I have a special calling to help advance the true Gospel work in Brazil and am eager to give my all into this.

In São Paulo I will go into a private clinic and ask to be taken into the university hospital, but to attain this I will have to undergo a series of tests while hospitalized in the clinic and pay for them, this will take from five to six days. The costs are going to be high. We are imagining that between transportation there, doctor, hospital and medications, it will cost over two thousand and five hundred dollars. Some of my friends and relatives have already contributed and I have 265 dollars with me already. Please be free to contribute with whatever you feel you can, any amount is very welcome! I also have some good news: D is now ready to be baptized, besides him we have six others ­ two men and four women ­ ready to be baptized. I am working hard toward wining as many as possible to the real Jesus. Sometimes I think I will lose my mind so strong is the pain I suffer. Please pray for me. May God bless you. Onaldo

I have a metabolic myopathy with hypertrophy of my leg muscles that gives me much pain. Now that morphine is not working anymore, the doctor in São Paulo is going to implant an electrode in my brain which is supposed to kill pain. I am paying the doctor the visit plus five or six days in his clinic and the exams. If every test or exam shows I can undergo the operation I will be transferred to the University hospital where he is a Professor and there, the operation (which costs 50 thousand reais if I was to pay for it) will be free of charge, since it is going to be a

class. As for the doctor's work and my stay in his clinic plus the tests ­blood tests, MRI and others ­ he is even making it for less for me, because I am willing to be a case study for his students. Well, please, be free to help with whatever you can, you don't need to come up with the total. Please, pray for me.God bless you. Onaldo"


I am getting in touch with the other Brothers in Brazil so we can prepare a common website and plan of action together to share the true Gospel further.

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It has been a long, long time. Here we are okey, we have not grown a lot but our small ecclesia the One God and you started is walking and walking, it has been a long way and very difficult. It seems Chilean people are hard ground despite of the big efforts that Christadelphian brothers make 2 or 3 times a year to preach or make Bible talks. You know, I always read your comments and exhortations in Gospel News. Is there someone who is translating your messages to Spanish? Actually I have received a lot of invitations from different Brothers in Spain and other countries to publish comments or exhortations in special for isolated Brothers and Sisters so if you do not mind I will be really happy to send the translation to those Brothers and Sisters who do not speak English.

--Sis. Gisella

A Canadian Visit to Chile

During the Christmas holidays, my son, Luke, and I had the chance to spend some time with Sister Gisella and her young son, Jeremy, in Santiago. We managed to find one another at the airport despite only having a rather vague idea of who to look for! After relaxing for a bit in the summer heat, the next 24+ hours were spent in vigorous spiritual discussion while Luke helped Jeremy put his new toys together. Luckily he speaks Spanish! Gisella and I also managed to have a Bible class with two very interested contacts, Christian and Sonya, at the beautiful meeting room in central Santiago. Sadly, we were not able to connect with the other five brothers and sisters for a variety of reasons. It was a wonderful chance to enjoy some precious spiritual fellowship at an ecclesia that is quite isolated from the rest of South America and dearly needs visitors.

If travels of any kind take you to this region of the world, the Chilean brothers and sisters would love to meet with you. May God bless each of them on their walk to the Kingdom.

--Sister Grace Butler

Sis Gisella and Jeremy

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We are indeed blessed to see prophecies being fulfilled and need to heed the warning of Jesus to `look up, for our redemption draws nigh,' and `to watch and pray.' Let us earnestly pray for that day when the earth will be filled with God's glory, as the waters cover the sea; and to hear our Lord's words, `Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.'

Back Row, L-R: Sisters Joy Branford, Anna Lou Barnwell, Lois Joseph, Kendra Trim, Joanna Porte, Saluta

Barnwell. Middle Row, L-R: Phebe Joseph, Carolle Joseph, Janet Williams. Front: Jenifer Porte

--Sis. Janet Williams

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