Gospel News · March - May 2012

Gospel News — Mar-May 2012
It has been a long, long time. Here we are okey, we have not grown a lot but our small ecclesia the One God and you started is walking and walking, it has been a long way and very difficult. It seems Chilean people are hard ground despite of the big efforts that Christadelphian brothers make 2 or 3 times a year to preach or make Bible talks. You know, I always read your comments and exhortations in Gospel News. Is there someone who is translating your messages to Spanish? Actually I have received a lot of invitations from different Brothers in Spain and other countries to publish comments or exhortations in special for isolated Brothers and Sisters so if you do not mind I will be really happy to send the translation to those Brothers and Sisters who do not speak English.
--Sis. Gisella
A Canadian Visit to Chile
During the Christmas holidays, my son, Luke, and I had the chance to spend some time with Sister Gisella and her young son, Jeremy, in Santiago. We managed to find one another at the airport despite only having a rather vague idea of who to look for! After relaxing for a bit in the summer heat, the next 24+ hours were spent in vigorous spiritual discussion while Luke helped Jeremy put his new toys together. Luckily he speaks Spanish! Gisella and I also managed to have a Bible class with two very interested contacts, Christian and Sonya, at the beautiful meeting room in central Santiago. Sadly, we were not able to connect with the other five brothers and sisters for a variety of reasons. It was a wonderful chance to enjoy some precious spiritual fellowship at an ecclesia that is quite isolated from the rest of South America and dearly needs visitors.
If travels of any kind take you to this region of the world, the Chilean brothers and sisters
would love to meet with you. May God bless each of them on their walk to the Kingdom.
--Sister Grace Butler
Sis Gisella and Jeremy
We are very pleased to report the baptisms of HU, GUO and CHEN; may God keep them strong in the path to His Kingdom.
I'm still organizing online Bible study and fellowship. Some are responding and seeking baptism. I look forward to coming to the missionary training program. God willing.
--Bro Donald
I thank God and you for sending me my first ever English Bible. I am so pleased with it and read it every day. God bless you!
--Sis. Belinda
On this occasion of the new year 2012 I take this opportunity to convey to all of you our best wishes. Our prayer is it may be for you and your family, a year of joy prosperity and blessings in Jesus Christ, and the establishment of the Kingdom of God.
We love all of you. You are so precious to us.
--Bro Kim's Mukambilwa (Kinshasa)