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choice like this: "Accept My instructions and continue in your life, or reject them and return to the (Genesis 3:17-19)

We're delighted to report the baptisms of HENRY

They made the wrong choice, rejecting the authority of God, and did return to the dust. We have

BOWEN and JULINA FERGUSON. May God all inherited their mortality, and also tend to disobey God, just as they did. bless them on their journey to His Kingdom.

That is, we all do "sin", and do need to admit it, and ask God for his forgiveness and help.

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It was a wonderful surprise receiving the NEV Bible with commentary. I had already received my Feb. Gospel News and was so excited by the news contained in it.

I wished to comment on Duncan's Editorial. Page 2 where he says: `How exactly was it that the Lord Jesus was of our nature and yet somehow never sinned?' It is so remarkable that this very question was on my mind for a few months, and so much that I was asking it of almost every person who would listen to me. My question was, `What was the secret of Jesus' success?' If he was "in all points tempted as we are", yet without sin, then he must have of necessity faced the temptations with a steel will. So what was his weak point? I agree, not alcohol or any such. But rather the `misuse' of the Holy Spirit bestowed upon him at his baptism? He now had the power to satisfy the lust of the flesh, eyes, and pride of life ­ turn stone into bread, call upon angels to save him, also to `come down from the cross,' when taunted. Why did he not use the power?

At 12 he would have asked the question: `What mean ye by this service?' ­ he would have witnessed the careful examination of the slain animal at Passover ­ without spot or blemish ­ `I must be about my Father's business.' Would it not be sinking in: Psa.40:6-8, and that he was to be the sacrifice acceptable? `I am thy servant ­ my ear hast thou dogged' ­ Jesus' love for His Father could have kept him straight, until at age 30 he was given the Power in full measure and immediately came temptation from baptism to wilderness. `You have the power, use it!' But the Word was more powerful than the bread ­ `It is written' ­ love for God and for us won. Jesus knew that one teeny-weeny sin would have disqualified him from being that `lamb' without spot and blemish. So `I delight to do thy will, my God.... Your law is within my heart' ­ saved the day and us. We do thank you, Lord Jesus, sincerely from our hearts.

--Sis. Lorraine Mitchell

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I am not a Christadelphian, and there is no congregation in or near my town. But since 2009, sometimes I have travelled one hundred and fifty

miles to attend your meetings. At that time one of your sisters from England, named Helen, visited us and I was her taxi man. She thrilled us with her beautiful singing. She told us that she sang with your Birmingham Choral Society. She left a couple of CDs with us, and later we acquired some more. I started making copies on request, and I cannot keep up with the demand for these. The favourite is "I know that my Redeemer lives," but all of them are popular. Now you can hear the Bible message in song about redemption, resurrection and God's Kingdom on earth all over our area ­ in various homes, churches, in route taxis, even in a local beauty parlour. It's quite amazing. How wonderful it would be if Helen could see her way to visit us again. Sacred music is a marvellous way to preach the Gospel.

--Deron Clarke

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