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My Bible is lovely and very dear to me. It reveals to me the wisdom of my Creator; it teaches me the essence of life and serves equally as a guide to how to live a happy and peaceful life in this evil world in which we live.

My Bible is a pearl of great value and very special to me. It is composed of 66 books divided into two sections the Old and New Testaments, serving one and the same purpose. Unfortunately many `christian' denominations today discriminate between the two. The former they consider old fashioned and irrelevant for doctrine in favour of the latter which they disregard and abuse in many ways. Though lovely and very dear to me, my Bible is simply not cherished by most youths of my age nowadays. "Oh it's too bulky, when would I ever finish reading it" some say. To others it's a book for the old, while others simply shy away from it for fear it would rebuke them of the Godless lives they live, so in a way stealing their liberty or freedom to get along with the world as they wish. .'Oh I don't want to be old fashioned' they say as they mock those of us who try to live the true Christian life as taught in the pages of my Bible.

My Bible is unique and very different from all other books in that its author is God Himself. What a prestigious author for my lovely Bible this just makes it the best book in the world for all times. However, many efforts have been made to destroy the reputation of this beautiful book. Some said it was fit to be read only by a certain class which they called the wise men. Others prevented people in Europe from possessing or even reading it in the dark ages, confiscating and burning many yet my lovely Bible survived all these threats and today it is the world's most published book though readership is proportionally very small.

My Bible is reliable. It has stood the test of those known to the world to be intellectuals who sought tirelessly to ridicule it by bringing out or putting forth what seems to them to be contradictory sayings or other inaccuracies of some sort though such things do not exist in my lovely Bible, because its author is GOD Himself except due to translation inaccuracies into other tongues.

My advice as learned from my lovely Bible to young Christadelphians especially and old alike is "STAND FIRM IN THE HOPE OF ISRAEL" and pursue godliness, righteousness ,faith, love, endurance and gentleness for our attitudes to Bible study matters, and the purposes for which we read God's word is an important consideration to be taken into account. To this end I believe we can only grow and be strong in the word if we continue to uphold the values that brought us to the REAL CHRIST in the first place. I am only two years old in the Lord but have seen some come and go and others slackening with time, but unless we remain in Him His words would hardly remain in us and without His word to serve as a lamp light for our feet, in this dark world in which we live, we can be sure we would only go into the bush and get lost. It is true that the way is really narrow but with the light of the WORD we shall reach our destination the NEW JERUSALEM So it is important therefore to highly treasure and preserve the WORD in us and may God help us as we journey towards the promise LAND.

Cyril Ndze (Cameroon)

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