Gospel News · September - December 2012

Gospel News — Sep-Dec 2012
Bro. Innocent (right) welcoming, Bre. Asende (left) and Assuman (centre), the newborn brethren into fellowship
Bro. Innocent (right) with a section of friends who attended one the sessions of the Bible studies
My Lovely Bible
Cyril Ndze (Cameroon)
My Bible is lovely and very dear to me. It reveals to me the wisdom of my Creator; it teaches me the essence of life and serves equally as a guide to how to live a happy and peaceful life in this evil world in which we live.
My Bible is a pearl of great value and very special to me. It is composed of 66 books divided into two sections the Old and New Testaments, serving one and the same purpose. Unfortunately many `christian' denominations today discriminate between the two. The former they consider old fashioned and irrelevant for doctrine in favour of the latter which they disregard and abuse in many ways. Though lovely and very dear to me, my Bible is simply not cherished by most youths of my age nowadays. "Oh