Supporting Persecuted Sisters In Turkmenistan - An Update and Summary

Hand made camels, purses, bags etc. are produced by our sisters from their own sheep wool, and sold by sisters world-wide to support them. If you’d like to be an agent, see or email . More information is available from the local representatives in your area- Bro Ronnie van Rooyen [South Africa], Sisters Liz Emmens or Jean Field [UK}, Robin Jones or Bev Russell [Australia], Tina Ching [Canada], Bro Clive & Sis Daphne Solomon [USA].

Dear Robin,

Thank you very much for your detailed e-mail. Thank you my dear sister for your help and support. Thank you very much that you found a sister from New Zealand who has interests in my handcrafts. I’ll look forward to hear from her.

Re my family they are well and my sister is well. She is still weak but doing camels and cushion covers with a big pleasure. My mother and my elder sister prepare felts and colour the threads for scarves. We are so happy that God found the good God’s people like you who have open hearts to help us. Re the Christianity may be I had told before that Muslim and orthodox are officially registered but anyway the country is ‘closed’ and there were many persecutions of Christians. Adventists had a church but it was destroyed…much Baptists were persecuted…two years ago I was invited one ministry (they had called themselves “grater grace”). Many of this group were Russians but 2 Turkmen man and me too were arrested. But we had not to stay in prison. We were just only kept some hours and police asked lot of questions. They wanted to send us to prison and next day to send everyone to their region and forbid to come to capital but God helped us very much as the head of prison was out and police had to release us. The time of arrest was in the morning but I shall never forget that day…when I come home it was 3 o’clock of night and then I remember that I eat nothing and even did not feel to eat something. And from that day I go nowhere and asked God to read Bible myself and find the truth by the Bible Basics. My family, especially my mother was very angry as she was ill and plus my problems…it was my first adventure and second time it happened in the office where I worked as secretary and translator when the head of company saw my Bible. And then I lost my job. But that time I knew already Duncan via website and wrote letter to him. When he came to Turkmenistan and baptized my sister and me we were sure that God did not forget us…his love was upon us. I even thought to leave the country but I was afraid to run as my family (mother) will have to stay and I wouldn’t like to make problems for them because of me…but the life was getting worse…and there is no jobs. I also had a plans to go to one of foreign countries to find a job as I have a Diploma have a good skills of languages (English, Turkish and Russian): and I was agree to have any kind of job: to look after children or wash anything’s…but one day I read from the scripture that the people called to be His children are kings and queens. I liked it, I understood that God will never leave, forsake…I had a lot of dreams but God revealed my artistic abilities and I started to make new designs and make crafts…

Re the scarves, they are really weaved on the handmade small wood equipment but always working with hands moving to the right and left. I shall send some pictures. I have news about scarves: we did some camel’s wool scarves. I thought camel’s wool is very good and I used as scarf and even wrap my waist. It gives much warmth. I thought may be some people especially old people will like it. To weave a scarves is not difficult but to colour and make the threads take a time.

Now I am about the prices. In 1 parcel I can put up to 10 pieces of each items. If you want extra items I’ll have to send second parcel. It is museums decision. But it is funny to get a permission from museum as my things do not have a historical values first and second they saw my products first time. I think it is a bureaucratic and I think this tax is unlawful advantage…

Sister G

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