Preaching in U.S. Prisons - Update

The faithful work of distributing Bible Basics in prisons has produced some wonderful results in America; here is the latest update.

We have some good news from here. A few Brothers and Sisters of the SF Peninsula Ecclesia, who were approved to visit K in the C.T.F. Prison in Soledad, did so on Saturday, December 18 to hear a confession of his faith. Now we have wonderful news that the Chaplain at about 2:00pm. Baptized him on Sunday, December 26. We rejoice in this as K has been looking forward to being baptized for quite a while. We had to have approval to visit him first. Please remember K in your prayers. Now K will have a new life in Christ. I believe God really has called him out, as he is the second inmate to 'find Bible Basics' and want to know more in seeking God's truth. Kenneth is be our second inmate to be baptized. Praise the Lord! By the way, I had Bro. D meets up with K and they have been giving each other spiritual support when they can meet on Wednesdays for Bible Study. They are both in different sections of the prison.

I have heard from quite a number of inmates in prisons now all over the US. I do have inmates passing the word along for us, even from one jail to another.  It is surprising work. I do believe the Lord is giving us what we can handle to give them the attention they need. It is hard to find Brothers and Sisters who are willing to write to prisoners because many people today want to e-mail. It does take a commitment to write letters and to be careful to not use a home address or last names of people. We have had incidents where the Chaplains in the Jail or prison have done research on The Christadelphians and tell the inmates we are a 'cult'. I feel that because of this, it is good to go slow and have the inmates be an example of brethren in Christ as a witness

It was wonderful to see all the Brothers and Sisters there again and the visiting ones. Bro. L was there and I was so happy to see him, because he has been in prison before. Bro. L came in to the Truth many years before I began doing this work. He is going to be a help to us in this work.  He is a good example of a brother making it in society again and being active in the ecclesia.  I'm really concerned about brothers being accepted into the ecclesia and a routine when they get released.

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We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them” (Eph 2:10)

Sis. Marilyn Seagoe (USA.)

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