New Life in Jesus Christ

A new life in Jesus Christ means, we must leave our old life.  We must not behave as pagans who walk in the wrong way with their bad thoughts.  They are strangers to God’s life because they ignore the words which should live in their hearts.  They keep their old personality and they keep away from obeying God’s (our Creator’s) rule, so that they may do their own will We as true Christians are taught how to know Christ and if we really hear him speaking we will grow in the truth as the years go by.  We have to keep ourselves away from the old life, Ephesians 4:17-32: We must renew our heart and spirit.  Let us put on the new life that makes us act more like God. That is why we must throw away lies!  Everyone of us needs to speak truth to one another, because we are all made into one body.  If we are angry, let us be careful so that we may not sin and our anger should not last for a whole day.  We should not again allow evil to dominate us.  Whoever quits stealing must work so that he/she may improve his/her life in the right way.  We must chase away anything bad that can cause bad thoughts and envy.  Verse 32 tells us how one must behave in the way that God our Creator appreciates, by forgiving others as God forgave us for Christ’s sake.  Truly, this word of God helps us to be obedient in front of God and to know how to communicate with others, for we are awaiting the promised Kingdom of Jesus Christ.  We all need to have the Lord’s love and to encourage others to search for that Kingdom.

Bro. Kitego-Shungaza (Otjuwiavongo, Namibia)

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