Exploring the Apocalypse and the Future


This book has been written reluctantly. Despite a life-long interest in Revelation, I resisted for many years all suggestions that I should put my thoughts into writing. For this reluctance there was a good reason. I have always been acutely conscious of the heavy responsibility that rests on one who presumes to expound the Scriptures. There is an ever-present danger that meanings will be attached to God's Word that God did not intend. The more difficult the portion of Scripture expounded, the greater the danger — and Revelation is, by common consent, an exceptionally difficult book. Frankly, the very thought that I could lead brethren in the wrong direction frightened me. Indeed it still does.

More recently, however, another thought has asserted itself. Clearly there is an urgent need for something to fill the void in our understanding of latter-day prophecy. If it is wrong to produce interpretations which could mislead, it may also be wrong to withhold interpretations which could help brethren to an understanding of the difficult days that lie ahead. This thought was put to me by a number of people, and ultimately prevailed. And so, after many years of prayerful study and much self-imposed restraint, this book appears.

Preface, Introduction and Survey

Part One 
1 "Who may abide the day of his coming?"
2 Prophetic Perspective
3 The Great Theme
4 Key Prophecies from the Old Testament
5 The Revelation of the Beast
6 The Two Witnesses
7 Babylon the Great
8 "Take heed that no man deceive you"
9 Seven Heads and Ten Horns
10 "In the days of these kings"

Part Two 
11 The Book of Life
12 The Patterns of the Apocalypse
13 The Trumpet Judgments
14 The Woman, the Dragon and the Man Child
15 Heralds and Harvests - The great climax
16 Resurrection and Judgment
17 A Preview of the Judgment
18 From Genesis to Revelation
19 Conclusion — Your Responsibility

Appendix 1 — The Gogian Invasion and the Beast
Appendix 2 — Daniel 11:36— 45