The Effect of Doctrines in Practice

1 God exists and we can have a personal relationship with a God we know.

Practicing The Presence Of God

Giving All

2 God is a personal being.

Faith In Prayer

Be Like God, Manifest His Image In Your Body And Life

Inspiration To Dynamic Living

3 God created all things.

Respect For God's Word And His Creation

Joy And Praise


Watch Our Behaviour


Perceiving The Value Of Persons

No Idolatry



4 God sees and knows all things, being omnipresent by His Spirit.

No Secret Sins

Openness With God

Our Words

Honesty In Business

Motivation In Preaching

Mindful of God

5 God is from everlasting to everlasting

Really Believe That We Will Also Truly Live For Ever

Don’t Judge Others

God Predestinates

Humility And Grace

Don't Be Vindictive

6 There is only one God, and one Lord Jesus

A Demand For Our All

No Idolatry




7 God's Name is Yahweh / Jehovah / Yahoovah.

The Reason For Praise

Motivation To Labour


No Idolatry

The Manifestation Of God


Faith In Prayer

Endless Inspiration To Seek The Father

8 The Bible is God's inspired, infallible word.

Use The Word With Others


Personal Response To The Word: Feeling The Word Speaking To Us

Personal Relationship With God

Our Speech



True Sensitivity

Self Examination

Bible Reading

9 The Kingdom of God will come. We must live as if it is imminent. It will last for ever. By God's grace, we really will be there.

Strength Against Materialism

Separation From The World

Making Sense Of The WorldNow

Watching For The Return


10 The judgment seat will come. All the responsible will come before it. The rejected will gnash their teeth in anger against themselves.

Motivation To Preach

No Anger

Living Daily Life In The Knowledge Of Judgment To Come For Our Actions

11 Christ will come and judge this world.

Separation From The World


Don't Worry About How Man Judges You

Our Words

No Secret Sins

12 We are to understand that Jesus is coming soon

Loving Our Brethren

13 Through baptism, the promises to Abraham and David apply to us; we really do have the hope of salvation in the Kingdom; we are spiritual Israel, and therefore the people of God and separated from this world. Abraham becomes our spiritual father. The New Covenant means that the Old has been done away.

Separation From The World

Motivation To Commitment

Living The Kingdom Life Now

Unity Amongst Us

Faithfulness To Each Other

Strength Against Materialism

Inspiration To Forgiveness

Personal Relationship With God




14 Without baptism there is no Biblical hope of salvation

Motivation To Powerful Preaching

15 Baptism is vital for salvation. Through it we enter covenant relationship with God. By baptism we enter the body of Christ, becoming one with Him.

Don't Continue In Sin

Separation From The World

Strength Against Immorality

Be Gracious

Motivation To Be United

16 Forgiveness of sins and salvation really has been received by us, through absolute grace. We have been saved, as Israel we have been constituted in embryo God's Kingdom, although this will only be physically manifested at the Lord's return.

The Responsibility Of Freedom

Unfeigned Love

Confidence And Desire For Christ's Return


Fearing God

Being truthful

The Works Of Repentance

17 There is one body


Being Truthful

18 Death is total unconsciousness; hell is the grave.


Preservation Of Others


Not Being Materialistic


Maturity In Behaviour

Humble Attitude To Others

Faith In God

19 The devil is a common figure for our own nature; sin and temptation originate from within. The real arena of spiritual conflict is the human heart.

Battle For The Mind, Not Blaming Others

Self-talk control

20 The Holy Spirit works through God's word. The Bible was written by inspiration and is therefore God's word.

Read The Bible And Let It Guide Your Prayer Requests

Freedom From Guilt

21 The Lord Jesus shared all our temptations; He was a man of our nature, He didn't pre-exist.

Bold Prayer And Witness


The Reality Of Judgment

22 Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

The Life Of Love

Defend The Faith


23 Jesus never sinned

Giving To The Poor

24 Jesus is the Christ

Preaching Him


25 The Lord Jesus died and rose again, and was made Lord and Christ (Acts 2:36)


Living For Others

Quitting The Life Of The Flesh



Separation From The World


Love For Jesus

Preaching Him


Not Being Materialistic

Control Of Our Words

26 Through His resurrection, forgiveness of sins became possible for all men.


Confession Of Sin

Labour For Him

Forgiving Others

27 The Lord's blood was shed for our redemption. Christ died the dreadful death He did for us

Looking For Christ's Return


Loving Our Partner

Service To God

Loving Our Brethren

Self Examination

28 Because of the suffering entailed in the putting to death of our sins by the Lord's cross, we should respond in likewise mortifying them.


Living Like Jesus


29 Human nature / the flesh cannot be atoned for, or a sacrifice offered for it; it must be cut off.

Transform Our Lives

30 The basis of our salvation is that we are justified, counted righteous, by our faith and baptism into the representative sacrifice of the Lord Jesus. His righteousness is thereby counted to us.

Disregarding Others' Judgment Of Us

Not Pleasing Men

Positive Self Image

Positive About Others

Gripped By Grace



31 Despite being saddled with our nature, the Lord Jesus Christ died and rose again for me, for my justification and salvation. His life and death were a surrender of all to the cause of my redemption, to God's glory.

Freedom From Sin

True Faith


Note how often humility and preaching the Gospel are the result of believing true doctrines!

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