God created us for a purpose. We are not on this wonderful planet just to fill in the years until we die. It’s the one opportunity God has given us to understand His purpose – our one chance to find out His message and the reason for putting us here.

God is watching us. He is observing how we treat others and if we are going to make the commitment to love and faith that gives us eternal life. He offers an eternal life of love and joy as a free gift! None of us can ever earn it and none of us deserve it, but He loves us so much and really wants us to be in His Kingdom, and part of His family, that He gave His only Son to die for us. He asks us to respond to His love and grace by making a commitment to Him – that we show this commitment by finding out why He has done things, and what He wants us to do.

The first step is believing that God exists and that He cares about us and really does want us to be part of His family – in other words, having faith in Him.

The second step is believing the things that really matter. Jesus said the two greatest commandments are to love God and to love our neighbour. This booklet has been an introduction to finding out about these things and about the fruits of the spirit that will grow in us by God’s grace.

When we believe these things, the next step is to make the commitment that God has asked of us, by being baptized. (Acts 2v47-48, 8v12, 18v8: Romans 6)

It is God’s desire and appeal to reach out to save us eternally. We’ve got a choice. We can choose life forever or we can ignore the overwhelming evidence around us that there is a Creator to this universe who has a plan. We choose this option to our own peril. It’s the easier option because it requires no faith in God or responsibility to Him, but then there is also no future in it. At the end of our days we become like the generations before us. We slowly become a distant memory and even that passes with time. While we have life is the time to search out and seize the amazing offer God is making to us. But no-one can do it for you. From within each of us must come our own desire to search for God’s message.

This booklet has tried to present the essence of the Gospel message and the fundamental basics of love, faith, grace, the fruits of the spirit, eternal life and the Kingdom of God.
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May the Grace of God be with you.

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