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An alphabet of Bible places

A . for the place where believers were first called Christians (Acts 11)

B . for the pool in Jerusalem (John 5)

C . for the mountain where Elijah triumphed (1 Kings 18)

D . for the place Saul was going when Jesus appeared to him (Acts 9)

E . for the garden God made (Genesis 2)

F . for the place Paul was blown to (Acts 27)

G . for the lake where Jesus walked on the water (Mark 6)

H . for the mountain where the dew descends (Psalm 133)

I . for the land that God chooses (Isaiah 14)

J . for the place where the walls fell down (Joshua 6)

K . for the valley/brook outside Jerusalem (2 Samuel 15)

L . for the place where cedars grow (Psalm 92)

M . for the place where Ruth came from (Ruth 1)

N . for the place where Jesus lived (Matt.2)

O . for the place where gold comes from (1 Kings 10)

P . for the land where Goliath came from (1 Samuel 17)

Q . for the dangerous place near the island of Clauda (Acts 27)

R . for the water which divided (Exodus 14)

S . for the place where the ten commandments were given (Exodus 19)

T . for the city that is now under the sea (Ezekiel 26)

U . for the place where Abram started from (Genesis 11)

V . as in the V..... of Megiddo (Zech. 12)

W . where the children of Israel wandered for 40 years

Z . for the future throne of Jesus Christ (Psalm 2)

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