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“Let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” James 1:4

We live in a society based on demanding and getting what we want immediately. We thrive on the fast track of convenience. The results? The number of road-rage incidents has tripled in the past two years. People are all in a hurry to get to somewhere without slowing down long enough to exercise common driving courtesy.

Modern lifestyles have left little room for patience. Yet there are some things in life and in our walk with God that simply can’t be rushed. Someone once said, “Do not sacrifice the permanent on the altar of the immediate.” When we try to rush things ahead of God and His timing, we settle for a fast food meal of short term satisfaction, rather than the nutritious and slow-cooked meal He would like to serve us. There is such a thing as spiritual malnutrition - in time it could do permanent damage to our souls.

It’s not without examples and reasons - God’s word lists patience as one of the fruits of the Spirit. In a self-serving world, we could take a refresher course in the art of patience and long-suffering. We want instant answers, even from God, yet we see by example that God’s chosen vessels have always gone through a process of testing and timing. Joseph endured rejection from his own family and was left for dead. There were no instant answers for him. Trusting God was all he had left. In time, God raised him, honoured him, and even gave him the compassion to help the very family who had abandoned and betrayed him.

God always has a permanent plan for your life – and He will go to great lengths to make sure you don’t sacrifice that plan on the altar of immediate solutions. Trust God’s timing as He works patience in your heart.

Bro Gift Lungu (Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe)

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