view as web pdf Quiz: “All Creatures Great and Small”

Of which creatures does the Bible say?

1. Hath no understanding?

2. Makes the deep to boil like a pot?

3. Is chief of the ways of God?

4. Was more subtle than any beast of the field?

5. Prepares its meat in the summer?

6. Turns not away for any?

7. Has two daughters, crying, Give, and give?

8. Beares her young on her wings?

9. Covered the camp (in places three feet deep)?

10. John the Baptist wore clothes of its hair?

11.The Philistines made five golden images of it?

Choose from: ant, behemoth (elephant), camel, eagle, horseleech, leviathan (whale), lion, mouse, mule, quail, and snake.

References: Psalm 32:9; Job 41:31; 40:19; Genesis 3:1; Proverbs 30:25; 30:30; 30:15; Deuteronomy 32:11; Numbers 11:31; Mark 1:6; I Samuel 6:4.


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