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How frequently we hear the expressions, “they earned,” or “they deserve,” or “they are entitled”. We seem to be living in a calculating age in which most things carry a price of some sort. Employees seek bonuses while employers seek service. Trade Unions threaten strike action if workers’ demands are not met. Favours done are remembered and, at some times or another, are expected to be repaid. How fortunate we are that God does not deal with us in a similar manner. How blessed we are that our Lord does not apportion His love according to what we have done for Him, or how we have lived our lives. The love of our Lord is a most gracious act on the part of a loving Saviour who, as Paul puts it, “died for us while we were still sinners”. As Christians, having been the recipients of such a blessing, it is our duty to share this Christ-like love with everyone with whom we come in contact. In so doing we shall be glorifying God, which is our duty and our privilege.

Bro David B Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)

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