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We’re pleased to report the baptism of Valentin in Spain. Valentin has been studying the Truth for seven years, and has been through all kinds of groups before becoming convicted of the Truth. He runs various Facebook groups where he uses Bible Basics and other material to grab the attention of the 1200 or so members he has built up. Valentin travelled overnight from Valencia to meet us in Madrid, where he  spent two days with us. He was baptized in a spot near Alcala de Henares which Valentin remembered, or thought he did, from many years ago. We had to walk nearly an hour through the bush to get to a point where we could enter the river. It was very muddy, with soft mud down to about one meter’s depth. We performed the baptisms, not without difficulty, but very much with the Lord’s presence. 

We also made a brief video in Spanish of how to simply break bread:

Valentin said that breaking bread was one of the things he had so dreamed of doing once baptized.

He is a very zealous preacher. We spent a day together in Alcala distributing Spanish Introducing Bible Basics on the streets. Preaching in small town Spain is not very encouraging- time and again we were told “I'm Catholic, no!” when we offered literature to folk. But Valentin is very tenacious and outgoing in his witness. He engaged various folks in fairly long conversations in the Cervantes Plaza, including a blind man, with the church bells tolling in the background.

Would there were more willing to get out there on the streets with the Gospel. So if you’re in Spain for holiday or business... why not take a day or so to meet with these wonderfully enthusiastic Spanish brothers. Let us know if you can, and do pray for them.

Valentin preaching to a blind man in Alcala

Giving out Spanish copies of Introducing Bible Basics

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