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So far as the preaching of the gospel goes, we are back in the days of Noah, this for sure. Even if, in the past fifteen years or so, we have not gone flat-out in gospel proclamation, it is still true that from time to time some stalwart efforts have been made. Yet as the coming of Christ comes nearer, bigger and nobler efforts seem only to produce small results and discouragement.

Without doubt, so we assure each other, it is because these are just the days of Noah that so many of our well-intentioned efforts flounder, so we comfort ourselves over the meagre success that follows. Thus, alas, we perhaps excuse ourselves from further effort. ‘Lord, we tried, You know we tried. But we might as well give up. These are the days of Noah. Please send the Deluge, quick.’

However, until the Deluge comes, we have no warrant to give up. Until the Lord Himself shuts the door, we must hold it wide open, and shout to everyone: “Come in, there’s a little room left”.

Witness Committee

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