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In our daily prayers we ask for the Kingdom of God to come right now, so that we may leave this corrupt world. If you open a newspaper today, or listen to the radio or T.V., you always get the impression of trouble. Our world today is torn by strife between political parties, ethnic factions, strife between nations. It is beset by problems: hunger and ever present violence, problems of society revealed by increasing crime rates, and overcrowded prisons; by hospitals filled with patients, many of whom are there because of mental stress and by an alarming number of victims of drug abuse. Alcoholism plays its part, and there are frequent threats of economic crisis, with widespread unemployment and material hardship.

Though we are experiencing all these hardships in this world, don’t forget that we are all invited to a greater gathering which is to take place in the earth. In the not-too-far distant future, when the greatest person the world has ever known is going to gather his friends together to a royal feast, and is going to present them with gifts, such as he alone can give – right here on earth.

We can see then that the good time which is coming on earth is to be characterised by a kindly regard for the poor, on the part of the King, who will reign at that time. This is the time spoken of in Psalm 113, where we read, “He, (God) raiseth up the poor out of the dust and lifteth the needy out of the dunghill, that he may set him with princes, even the princes of his people.”

Bro Simion Mudhimba (Chipinge, Zimbabwe)

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