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It Is good to have letters from you, which are providing some encouragement and they are very helpful. Yes, it is very important to have fellowship with each other as this helps everyone of us on our walk towards the coming kingdom. However, this is not always too easy, as we are all so different from each other, so we must try to do the best we can. It is a sobering thought when we consider that our fellowship with one another should reflect the fellowship that we enjoy with the Lord! I am reminded of the biblical principle somewhat paraphrased, “As he has been kind to us, so let us be kind to others.”

Sorry to tell you that we have lost our brother in the Lord, Katongo Davies Mulenga who slept in the Lord last year.

We have some problems about farming here. At this time we need a ten kg bag of maize seeds, and a 50 kg bag of fertilizer for this farming input; maize seed is at K200. With our Father’s help, we will stir and give some help to our brothers and sisters after harvesting.

Every time we come together, we remember the work of the Lord Jesus Christ, the chief shepherd who gave his life for the sheep. The one who gave all for us. The one who said it is more blessed to give than to receive. Let us remember him as he commanded us, “Until he come”. You are so correct when you say it is more effective to put the ‘truth’ into actions rather than ten thousand words. Unfortunately it is often easier to talk about it than to do it. As children of our Father, it has been made a matter of prayer, requesting help from Him, who only is the source of all good things. As brethren and sisters, and as ones who are getting older, we know for sure that to pray without ceasing is the only way to overcome all the difficulties we experience in this life.

Bro Charles and Sis Cathrine Daka (Mufulira, Zambia)

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