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If the question, “Is Christ Divided?” were put to one who is not a Christian, it would probably be answered in the affirmative. In view of the efforts which are being made by the various ‘orthodox Christian’ bodies to effect a “reunion” it could hardly be otherwise. There are numbers of churches and denominations all mutually recognizing one another as Christians, whilst at the same time they are not prepared to “have fellowship with one another”.

When the name “Christian” was first applied to the brethren of Christ at Antioch, Paul could say to those in Corinth, “We, being many, are one bread and one body, for we are all partakers of that one bread” (1 Corinthians 10: 17). But in course of time, divisions occurred and various communities came into existence which, whilst each church claims to be a member of the “one body” itself, were separated from the successors of the true gospel.

This is the condition of orthodox Christianity today, a condition we rightly term “a scene of confusion”. But are we always united together as one?

Bro Friday E Enyiogu (Ikwueke, Nigeria)

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